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Translating “Let’s Be Friends”

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I echo Athol’s statement here: I can’t ever remember having a female friend that I didn’t want to have sex with

Now what do you do with this fact. Well, for one, it allows you to translate a girl’s statement of “let’s be friends” into something meaningful, namely: “you’re going to be frustrated for a long time, bro, unless you get the hell out of dodge.”

For two, if you’re in a long term committed relationship, it allows you to set proper boundaries, and to just be aware of reality. Self-deception is your greatest enemy. And awareness is 70% of the battle.

For three, getting out as soon as she says “Let’s be friends” helps you avoid being used and abused. It allows you to maintain control of your frame.

Men and women really can’t be friends without sexual tension. Anyone who suggests otherwise is naive. It’s that simple. I’m glad someone said it.

Written by James

September 10, 2012 at 2:47 pm

Posted in Relationships

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