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Leaving Your Marriage

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Several of my readers have had private conversations with me about whether or not to leave their marriage. It’s rarely an easy choice. But sometimes it is the best choice.

Does your wife allow you to thrive? Does she support you? Does she admire you? Does she enable you to be a better man?

If not, before bringing kids into the question, think seriously about starting over. Especially if she drags you down, creates tension, nags you, etc. Because the environment you and she create in the home will pass on to your kids. Don’t give that hell to your kids.

If you’ve worked your ass off improving yourself, and you feel that your wife is holding you back, and you’ve given a good faith effort to work with her on changing things, and the partnership just isn’t a partnership afterall…. I don’t think there’s shame in leaving the marriage.

You may be undermining a certain narrative in your mind about how things should be. And that might make you feel like a failure. But life isn’t about getting things perfect the first time. It’s about adapting and getting better and doing what you can with the circumstances you’ve been given.

By the way, that link up there is to a site called Married Man Sex Life. It’s probably the best site on the Internet for men in long term relationships. Check it out.

Written by James

September 7, 2012 at 2:00 am

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